The Genoa Handbook


Local tips on the best Genoese itineraries

Beyond the comforts you will find in the apartment, we would like to propose a few itineraries to discover Genoa, also known as ‘La Superba’. The all of them are easily and conveniently reachable from la Casa di Dante:


1. Palazzo del Principe, next to the railway station Genova Principe.

2. Via Balbi, with Palazzo Reale and its museum.

3. Church of S.S. Nunziata.

4. Via Garibaldi, formerly known as ‘Strada Nuova’ and its historical buildings Palazzi dei Rolli (Unesco World Heritage): Palazzo Tursi, Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and their museums.

5. Piazza De Ferrari with Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo della Borsa (former home to the Genoa Stock Exchange) and the Carlo Felice theatre.

6. Caruggi: the typical narrow and bending alleys sretching across the historical Medieval centre: from Via San Luca to San Luca church, Palazzo di Pellicceria and its museum, San Pietro church and the very typical Piazza Banchi.

7. Palazzo San Giorgio (home to the Port Authority of Genoa), Via San Lorenzo with San Lorenzo cathedral and its hidden treasures.

8. Piazza Matteotti with Del Gesù church and Porta Soprana, one of the ancient doors to access the city centre.

9.Christopher Columbus’ native house, San Donato church and Sant’Agostino museum.

10. Porto Antico, the touristic port area offering a number of places to visit, like the Aquarium, the Bigo and the Maritime Museum Galata.

Here are also some local advice on where to eat:

1. The Cook Restaurant in Vico Falamonica 9R

2. Tiflis Braceria Pizzeria in Via del Fico 35R

3. Soho Restaurant and Lounge Bar in Via al Ponte Calvi 16R

4. Osteria Carabas in Vico Tana 4

5. Indarsena Oyster Bar in Calata Andanò Dinegro 4

6. I Cuochi in Vico del Fieno

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AC Studio di Estetica Avanzata